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Joker + first and last appearances in Arkham games

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You make me forget until my name.

I really hate you. But I still in love with you.


Boyfriends fucking suck.



This is the meaning of life.


This is the meaning of life.


Predabots! I continued the coloring so I could be able to cut them out as portraits. Additionally I present you the first version of Predabot Smokescreen I scribbled some time ago.

Miko: “Can I come with?”

Wheeljack: “Why not?”

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"I’m not sure I wanna see Bulk right now. Not like this…"


"Doc, the commander’s ready!"

I didn’t get a chance to talk about this way back when “Minus One” first aired, but let’s just have a moment of appreciation for the difference between S2 Wheeljack’s abandonment of the comatose Bulkhead due to feeling uncomfortable at the sight of a close friend in a state of helplessness and S3 Wheeljack’s choice to assist a once hated rival regain motor functionality after a serious injury.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve talked about Wheeljack much on this blog at all and that’s a damn shame because there’s a lot of neat stuff his character goes through between the latter half of S2 and all of S3.